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Medisys Health Group Appoints New CEO, Terry Power

Posted by Horizon on Sep 12, 2016 9:17:55 AM

MONTREAL, Sept. 12, 2016 - Medisys Health Group Inc., Canada's leading provider of comprehensive, preventive and corporate health solutions is pleased to announce that Terry Power has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the company. Dr. Sheldon Elman, founder of Medisys Health Group and practicing physician, will continue to be an integral part of the company in his new role as Executive Chairman, helping to guide the company's overall strategy and ensuring that Medisys Health Group continues to deliver high quality professional health services.

"Terry has been a tremendous addition to our team since joining Medisys Health Group as CEO of our occupational health solutions business," said Dr. Elman. "His appointment to CEO of Medisys Health Group is in recognition of both his recent successes and his past achievements. In my new role as Executive Chairman, I am excited to continue building the best preventive health company in Canada; something we have been doing for almost 30 years. I will continue to do what I love most: working with corporations and their executives to ensure they have the healthiest team possible. The addition of Terry will undoubtedly propel the success of Medisys Health Group by having someone entirely focused on executing our company's strategic vision."

Terry Power brings with him over two decades of leadership experience across a variety of industries. Before becoming CEO of Medisys Health Group, he led the creation of Canada's largest HR solutions and staffing company. Terry was also instrumental in the merger of Horizon Occupational Health Solutions Inc. into Medisys Health Group. During his time at Horizon Occupational Health Solutions, the company grew dramatically in just 18 months. As CEO of Medisys Health Group, Terry will be responsible for setting and implementing the company's strategy, delivering on both operational and financial objectives, building and motivating staff, and ensuring the company continues to deliver unparalleled quality services to all clients.

"I joined Medisys Health Group because I wanted to be part of a company that makes a positive difference in the lives of those it serves" says Power. "As we look at our history, over the past 30 years, I see a company that has achieved great things by being a pioneer in making our clients healthier, and as I look to the future, I see unprecedented opportunity to continue our work. I am excited to be part of an amazing journey that will truly change Canada's health services landscape."

Terry's vision is to continue expanding on the innovative medical services currently offered by the company. "We know the market is changing. We know that employee health and wellness is at the forefront of many corporate strategies, and we also know that companies who operate in a safety sensitive environment need a partner to help them understand and mitigate their risk. We will continue to support our clients through excellence in service delivery by introducing new products and services, expanding our service delivery platform and acquiring strategic partners" says Power. "As our corporate clients become more invested in the relationship between employee health and the health of their balance sheets, we want to ensure our suite of offerings continue to meet their changing healthcare needs."

About Medisys Health Group
Founded in 1987, Medisys Health Group Inc. is Canada's leading provider of comprehensive, preventive and corporate healthcare solutions. The company's prime objective is to protect clients' most valuable resource – their employees and their families. With a team of over 750 employees, the group of companies provides clients with unparalleled executive and preventive services, employee wellness, occupational health solutions and comprehensive primary care to meet the needs of corporate clients and individuals alike. Through Canada's largest coast-to-coast network of wholly-owned clinics, with over 500 healthcare professionals, Medisys Health Group delivers a range of industry leading clinical services and solutions designed to improve health outcomes that help clients live healthier and safer lives wherever they may be – at work, at home, or abroad.

Medisys Health Group provides its services through Medisys Corporate Health, Horizon Occupational Health Solutions, and Copeman Healthcare Centers.

SOURCE Medisys Health Group Income Fund

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