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Horizon Occupational Health Launches New Brand & Website

Posted by Horizon on Oct 5, 2016 8:14:58 AM

Horizon is excited to announce the launch of our brand refresh, including a redesigned website at horizonohs.com.

The early stages of our merger with the Medisys health Group were focused on developing strong business and strategic relationships within our newly inherited corporate family. It wasn’t until after we set our strategic objectives as the occupational health division of the Medisys Health Group and aligned with the corporate culture of our parent company that we decided to review our own offering and presence in the market.

We asked ourselves where we wanted Horizon to fit within this new landscape, and how we could reflect that optimized positioning to our current and future clients. The answer was simple; we would revisit our brand communications to modify and reflect the forward moving changes that the company was making.

The goal of the rebrand was firstly to take advantage of this time of change and revisit internal and external brand use in our communications. Secondly, we wanted to show our customers the new relationship that we’d established with our fellow Medisys Health Group entities and how this could bring them added benefits.

Leading the brand redesign project was Mila Olumogba, Director of Marketing and Product at Horizon. “The purpose behind our branding changes is to show the market a new, refreshed Horizon. We are so passionate about the services we offer our customers and we want that passion to resonate in our brand. It was also important for us to have a look and feel that aligns itself better with the entire health group” notes Mila.

The brand adjustments are light and forward thinking. They link clearly back to the original Horizon brand and are now being massaged into the Horizon look and feel across all channels of communication.

Our first major step towards integration was of course an overhaul and relaunch of the Horizon website. It is with this piece of the brand project that we were able to truly speak to our clients about how Horizon, as part of the Medisys Health Group, will be a benefit to them as well as us.

The launch of the new brand and refurbished Horizon website has been an exciting and meaningful milestone for the company.

To check out the new brand and website, visit us at horizonohs.com.