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Educational Content

Clinician Spotlight: Dr. Hoa Phong Le, Physician, Medisys Montreal

By Horizon | December 20 2018 | Clinician Spotlight
Why did you decide to become a doctor? I actually started my professional career as a lawyer back ...
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Clinician Spotlight: Cristy Andres,  Associate Director, Horizon Thompson

By Horizon | October 09 2018 | Clinician Spotlight
1) What was your first job?  I had a paper route from the time I was 8 years old that I shared with ...
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Clinician Spotlight: Meet Kimberly-Ann Niceforo, Clinic Director, Horizon Sudbury

By Horizon | August 18 2018 | Clinician Spotlight
This month Kimberly-Ann Niceforo, Clinic Director for the Sudbury Horizon location, is celebrating ...
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Clinician Spotlight: Dr. Farrell Cahill, Lead Researcher, Medisys Health Group

By Horizon | March 16 2018 | Clinician Spotlight
  Q) HOW DID YOUR FIRST JOB AFFECT THE COURSE OF YOUR CAREER? My first health related job was in a ...
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Clinician Spotlight: Mike Wahl, PhD, Senior Director – Wellness Strategy and Solutions, Medisys Health Group

By Horizon | November 15 2017 | Clinician Spotlight
  Q: What was your first job? A: My first job in health was at the University of New Brunswick gym. ...
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