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How to Stick to Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions – At Home and on the Road

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It’s well known that many people fail to stick to their New Year’s Resolutions.  But what’s lesser known is that the most common reasons that people ditch their goals are largely due to the mindset that they take when setting goals in the first place. For those of us setting New Year’s Resolutions while planning for upcoming work travel or on-site placement for the job, commitment to those goals can be especially challenging.

When trying to stick to New Year’s Resolutions on the road or while working at an off-site location, the main hurdle for many people is the ability to stick to healthy eating habits. Maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging at any time, particularly when you don’t have access to your own kitchen or in an unfamiliar city. Often, you look to grab something quick and easy during your busy work day, or when your day finally winds down. 

If you must rely on fast food options or on cafeteria style eating, some simple substitutions can keep your meal from derailing your healthy New Year’s Resolutions.

  • Choose Grilled vs Crispy/Fried
  • Choose mustard, salsa, low-fat mayo and vinaigrette dressings over creamy sauces and condiments
  • Skip the extra salt and avoid processed foods
  • Pile on veggies whenever you can, including choosing a salad over fries
  • Always choose water as your beverage

The second biggest challenge to those working away from home is finding time for you daily exercise routine.  Jet-lag and lack-luster hotel fitness centers are also easy reasons to skip your usual workout, however, you can perform a quality workout right in your hotel room in as little as 15-30 minutes.  The more you travel, the more it disrupts your routine – all the more reason to make the time and stick to it!

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Whenever people tell me about a New Year’s Resolution, I always ask why – What is the “It Factor” making you focus on that specific goal? Their “It Factor” could be anything from improving athletically to ensuring they can play with their grandkids without the fear of hurting their back. Whenever motivation is hard to find, I try to direct people to focus on why they are doing it in the first place. From there it’s easiest to get back on track. 

To avoid the age old problem of resolution failure this year we suggest that you follow these three simple tips:

1) Set Clear and Measurable Goals

When people are asked in January why they decided to join the gym, the answer often given is “I just want to get in shape” – okay, but what does that mean? Does this mean you want to be able to run 5k, to complete 10 push-ups, or lose 15 lbs? Clearly define your goals and find the motivation behind your goals so that you will have a clearer path to achieving them.

2) Set Realistic Goals

There is nothing wrong with setting ambitious goals, but most people don’t take into consideration challenges like time constraints or conflicting commitments that may keep them from reaching their goals.

Set up check point goals, or mini goals to help you on the way. If you want to lose a significant amount of weight for example, set a goal of 10lbs first – once you hit that, target 20lbs. Achieve your goals, and then set them higher.

3) Be Patient

If your goals are to lose weight, or to bulk up and put on some muscle, they most definitely will not happen overnight.   All too often people come out guns blazing in January, do not see the results the want and then decide that it isn’t working for them. If you stick to your plan you will see results.

In the end success is best described in the words of those who have achieved their goals. One client has agreed to share her story of accomplishment:

“Almost one year ago I was almost 275 pounds and a size 22 (3X) and I spent a lot of time lying in bed when I wasn’t working. I used to be incredibly fatigued and, due to a joint disorder that creates instability and has led to early onset arthritis, I had difficulty exercising. On top of that, a poor diet meant that I continuously gained weight.

I made the decision to consider seeing a specialist shortly after Christmas of 2016.  When I met with Robert, he asked me what my goals were, and I said that first and foremost I wanted increased strength and to achieve greater stability in my joints.  My second goal was weight loss. 

It’s been almost 11 months since I started my journey and I am 55 pounds lighter as of today.  I have lost countless inches, gained muscle, increased my energy levels, and now wear a size 12-14. By setting realistic but challenging goals and by managing expectations Rob, and the new health and fitness regime that he built with me, has literally saved my life.”

As the saying goes, “Greatness from Small Beginnings.” No matter what goals or ambitions you have, health related or otherwise, you have to start somewhere small.  You make one small change today, who knows the implications that change may have down the road – it may open possibilities that you didn’t know existed.

To get in touch with Robert Cahill, or with questions realted to this article, contact us at marketing@horizonohs.com