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Educational Content

Combat Fatigue with Good Nutrition

Everybody knows that poor nutrition can lead to weight gain, but did you know that diet can affect ...
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Defining Workplace Fatigue

Fatigue can be defined as a physiological state of reduced mental or physical performance that ...
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What You Need to Know This Flu Season

By Horizon | September 18 2018 |
By Dr. Vivien Brown, VP Medical Affairs at Medisys Executive Health Did you know that influenza, ...
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Is Your Workplace Ready to Fight the Flu?

By Horizon | September 10 2018 |
A recent study conducted by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis ...
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Clinician Spotlight: Meet Kimberly-Ann Niceforo, Clinic Director, Horizon Sudbury

By Horizon | August 18 2018 | Clinician Spotlight
This month Kimberly-Ann Niceforo, Clinic Director for the Sudbury Horizon location, is celebrating ...
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Substance Abuse in the Workplace: Signs and Solutions

It comes as no surprise that some Canadians use drugs or alcohol safely, while other misuse those ...
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Do's and Dont's of Drug and Alcohol Policy

When it comes to drug and alcohol policy development, the landscape of what’s possible and what’s ...
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5 Tips to Manage Fatigue in the Workplace

Employee fatigue can have adverse effects in the workplace and on the productivity of workforces ...
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How to relax fast after work

After getting home from a long day’s work, many of us like to take a few minutes to relax before we ...
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