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Mobile Treatment Solutions: On Site Health and Safety in All Environments

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Due to the vast size and harsh nature of the Canadian geography, many industrial worksites are located amongst difficult terrains and significant geographic distances. Employers operating in these harsh and remote environments – perhaps more so than employers located in city centers – must take the necessary measures to protect the health and safety of their workers.

In the case of incident or injury, remote worksites may not require a permanent clinic, but still need medical support readily available. Whether an organization requires a mobile medical solution for a harsh environment or temporary installation for testing, we can offer services through our mobile treatment centres or our mobile clinics.


Mobile Treatment Centres (MTCs) are portable medical units that are specially designed to provide safety and medical services on industrial worksites, no matter how remote or harsh the environment. They are easy to move in, move out, and they can adapt to the changing environment of many industrial worksites. They come equipped with the resources required for the particular worksite, as well as the operating clinicians such as paramedics, occupational nurses, physician assistants, and more.

MTCs are particularly useful for temporary worksites located in hard to reach harsh terrains. Whether medical support is needed to deliver first aid or emergency transport services, MTCs can provide the appropriate level of medical support needed in a remote environment.

A Mobile Treatment Centre can offer the following services:

  • First aid and injury assessment
  • Alcohol test
  • Medical transport
  • First aid treatment
  • Respirator mask fit test


A mobile clinic is similar in nature to a treatment center, however it is larger and equipped with the ability to provide more in depth testing. This is also a temporary installation however does not provide medical transport. Mobile clinics are particularly useful for worksites that require several employees to undergo testing without having to leave the worksite. A convenient way to provide on-site medical services, allowing for minimal work interruptions. 

Mobile Clinics allow for a full range of occupational health services including:

  • First aid and injury/illness assessments
  • Annual medicals
  • Comprehensive nurse health review (system/safety related focus)
  • Audiometric testing
  • Respirator mask fit testing
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Vision screening
  • Surveillance & protocol program management/testing
  • Ergonomic and wellness services
  • Disability management


Clients from a wide range of Canadian industries such as oil and gas, forestry, mining, energy and construction utilize mobile units due to the nature of their varied worksites. Utilizing a mobile unit is a unique and valuable employee health and safety solution for employers as the unit comes fully equipped based on the site needs such as emergency transportation, medical services on-site, injury assessment or testing. Whether your organization needs first aid services or annual health surveillance, a mobile unit would be the right solution for your organization.


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Asif Latif joined Horizon through the acquisition of Canadian Paramedical Services.  Graduated as a physician in Belarus, he has been working in emergency medicine since 2001.  When moving to Canada, Asif began his work in paramedicine and has since become an expert in the field of on-site medical services for many large oil & gas, mining and energy companies.

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