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Is Your Organization Taking the Necessary Steps to Keep Your Workforce Happy?

Posted by Horizon on Mar 30, 2019 2:22:01 PM

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Millennials now account for the largest generation in the workforce.  According to a study by Deloitte, 61% of millennials are expected to leave their current job within the next 5 years. Is your organization taking the correct steps to keep your workforce happy, healthy and productive?

With the increased pace of change amongst Canadian workforces, employers are at risk of losing hold of their, largely millennial, talent. According to a recent Globe and Mail article written by the president of Intuit Canada, Jeff Cates, full and part-time freelancers, independent contractors and on-demand workers are expected to make up to 45% of the workforce by the year 2020. And this rise is making it increasingly difficult for leaders to foster and maintain an employee culture that keeps workers of all types happy, loyal and fulfilled.

So what is it that employers need to do to maintain a happy workforce? In his article, Cates argues that to keep your millennial-dominated workforce happy you need to earn and maintain employees trust, celebrate achievements outside of the workplace, and empower employees to live healthy lifestyles.

At Horizon we know that not only does a healthy lifestyle improve overall employee happiness, it also has a direct impact on the ability to perform job tasks safely.  Healthy employees help support low turnover rates or the need for replacement staff which can prove to be incredibly costly in safety sensitive roles. An unhealthy worker can have direct and indirect costs to the organization, making it increasingly important to support the workforce in making positive impactful changes to their lifestyle.

Commonly known as “Wellness Programs” in the industry, we refer to our suite of employee wellness services as Health Risk Prevention Programs because we work with our clients to ensure health risks are identified and managed immediately to avoid any future or long term health problems. Our philosophy is simple; employee health risk prevention should be an integral part of the organization’s health and safety culture, rather than a separate stand-alone initiative.

Our goal is to support our client organizations in shifting their corporate culture to integrate health in all day-to-day activities.

To learn more about our Health Risk Prevention Programs, click here.

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