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July 2019 Newsletter - Preventive Health & Pain Management

By Horizon | July 09 2019 | Newsletters
According to recent estimates, 6 million people in Canada (19% of the population) report some form ...
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Preventing Muskoskeletal Injury at Work: Your guide to a safer worksite

By Horizon | June 12 2019 | Injury Prevention
How often do you consider the connection between the health and wellbeing of your team at work, and ...
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Injury Prevention: A Valuable Strategy for Improving Safety Performance and Protecting Your Workforce

By Horizon | May 06 2019 | Injury Prevention
Both employers and employees commonly underestimate the physical demands of everyday job duties ...
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6 Simple Tips for Preventing Vision Loss

By Horizon | April 08 2019 | Injury Prevention
We’ve all heard our mothers tell us that we only have one pair of eyes — and that’s especially true ...
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Is Your Organization Taking the Necessary Steps to Keep Your Workforce Happy?

By Horizon | March 30 2019 | Injury Prevention
Millennials now account for the largest generation in the workforce.  According to a study by ...
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March 2019 Newsletter - Women & Safety-Sensitive Industries

By Horizon | March 06 2019 | Newsletters
According to Statistics Canada, 21.4% of workers in the goods-producing sector were female in 2018 ...
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Breaking the Silence: Workplace Mental Health in Canadian Industry

By Horizon | February 08 2019 | Mental Health
An interview with Steve Tizzard, mental health and wellness advocate who has been working on the ...
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8 Nutrition Strategies to Promote a Good Night's Sleep and Control Weight

By Horizon | January 14 2019 | Nutrition
Feeling tired and irritable aren’t the only consequences of poor sleep. Getting too little sleep ...
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Insomnia: Stop Counting Sheep

By Horizon | January 14 2019 | Injury Prevention
The amount of sleep needed varies widely based on multiple factors including age, health, lifestyle ...
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1 in 3 of Your Employees Are Sleep Deprived - Are Ready to Make a Change?

By Horizon | January 10 2019 | Injury Prevention
Sleep deprivation has long been associated with acute cognitive impairment; however, more recent ...
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