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Educational Content

Dr. Mike Wahl, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Medisys Health Group

Recent Posts

Cannabis Impairment & Workplace Safety Risk

Cannabis, the most widely used illicit drug in the world, and is now legally available in Canada at ...
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Defining Workplace Fatigue

Fatigue can be defined as a physiological state of reduced mental or physical performance that ...
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Workplace Wellness: Reducing Preventable Risk

All too often, we take note of our health only once symptoms of injury or illness have already ...
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Preventing Muskoskeletal Injury at Work: Your guide to a safer worksite

How often do you consider the connection between the health and wellbeing of your team at work, and ...
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Workplace Injury and Employer Risk

Workplace injury prevention has evolved to include the engineering of equipment to fit the worker, ...
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