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5 Reasons Why You Need to Drink More Water

Posted by Andrea Stokes, RD, Definitions Health and Wellness on Dec 1, 2019 8:13:00 AM

man drinking water hydration

Water is good for you, that’s a known fact. But do you really know why it’s so important to stay hydrated?  Not only is sufficient water intake part of a healthy balanced diet but it also has a significant impact on the body’s ability to perform to its fullest potential.  This is especially important for workers in physically demanding positions, particularly those working outdoors in the hot summer months.  Here are five facts you might not have known about drinking water and why it’s an absolute must for everyone in your workplace.

  1. You are what you drink.

The human body is up to 65% water and our bodies need proper hydration to function normally. While working outdoors in the summer time, you excrete even more water than normal through sweat.  Ensuring you are taking in more water than you are letting out is imperative to keeping your body functioning at peak performance.  When you become dehydrated it is your body’s signal that you do not have enough water to perform its necessary tasks. 

  1. Drinking water helps regulate body temperature.

If you aren’t already in awe of all the cool things your body can do, check this out.  You are basically a walking air conditioner because your body has the ability to regulate its own temperature.  Scientifically speaking, your body can perform four distinct functions that fall under thermoregulation (simply put; temperature regulation).  The one we are most interested in for this point is evaporation.  When you heat up, your body will regulate its temperature by evaporating water.  So, as mentioned above, if you do not have enough water in your system it will compromise your ability to sweat, also known as your ability to cool yourself down.

  1. Don’t lose your mind.

While we know that our total body is made up of up to 65% water, it’s even more critical to note that our brain is made up of 73% water.  So what does this mean? Allowing your body to get dehydrated while working outdoors this summer can have serious impacts on your ability to focus and concentrate on your tasks at hand.  In a safety sensitive role, this could be the difference between a critical mistake or an accident free day! You don’t need to be severely dehydrated to feel the effects on your cognition, a simple reduction of 2% in your body water weight can induce some reduction in attention to detail and short-term memory.

  1. Testing. 1-2-Pee.

Did you know that there is a really easy way of knowing if you are dehydrated even if you haven’t experienced any symptoms yet? Your urine is your perfect hydration meter.  The colour of your urine is a very easy indicator of your levels of hydration.  If you pee and see a clear yellow tint or no colour at all then you are doing well with proper water intake.  But, if you pee and see a darker yellow or amber colour it’s definitely time to grab some water.

  1. Perform like an athlete.

Ever notice that every time an athlete gets any type of break their first instinct is to stop and drink water? Well that’s because drinking water helps them perform to the best of their ability.  Water not only helps to lubricate your joints but also helps carry the necessary nutrients that give you that much needed energy.  Athletes also consume a large amount of water because this helps them maintain focus and clarity.  Anyone working in a physically demanding job can take this one tip from the world of sports to help them be a top performer!

So, before you head out to work this summer remember to always have a source of water ready at hand. Similarly, remember to allow yourself regular water breaks throughout the day. No day is too busy to prioritize hydration. Carting that water bottle around with you everywhere won’t do any good unless you remember to drink from it! Use habitual cue like break time, meal time, or similar to remind yourself to finish off the bottle and head for a refill. Your body and mind will thank you when your shift is up and it’s time to take advantage of the warm summer days. Happy hydrating!

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