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Educational Content

Clinician Spotlight: Dr. Farrell Cahill, Lead Researcher, Medisys Health Group

By Horizon | March 16 2018 | Clinician Spotlight
  My first health related job was in a human kinetics research laboratory at Memorial University, ...
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Biological Monitoring. What to Monitor and Why?

  Biological monitoring is a means of estimating exposure to a substance (chemical/element) among ...
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Workplace Wellness: Reducing Preventable Risk

All too often, we take note of our health only once symptoms of injury or illness have already ...
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Heart Health Made Easy

By Horizon | February 15 2018 | Nutrition, Fitness
February is heart health month, an important opportunity to take a look at the way that you’re ...
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Cardiovascular Disease: Canadian Occupations at Risk

According to Health Canada, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Canada, ...
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Ergonomic Tips for Construction Workers

By Horizon | January 18 2018 | Ergonomics, Injury Prevention
  Construction and other physically demanding work, if completed improperly, can put workers at ...
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How to Stick to Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions – At Home and on the Road

It’s well known that many people fail to stick to their New Year’s Resolutions.  But what’s lesser ...
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Preventing Muskoskeletal Injury at Work: Your guide to a safer worksite

How often do you consider the connection between the health and wellbeing of your team at work, and ...
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Clinician Spotlight: Paul Alyward - Vice President Operations, Horizon Occupational Health Solutions

By Horizon | December 05 2017 |
As Vice-President of Operations and an emergency nurse by background, Paul Alyward oversees all ...
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Workplace Injury and Employer Risk

Workplace injury prevention has evolved to include the engineering of equipment to fit the worker, ...
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