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Educational Content

How to relax fast after work

After getting home from a long day’s work, many of us like to take a few minutes to relax before we ...
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The Dangers of Hyperthermia at Work

Throughout the winter and spring we Canadians look forward to the longer days, beaming sunshine, ...
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Meet Marie-Eve Duguay Associate Director - Operations, Horizon, Montreal

By Horizon | June 01 2018 |
Q) What was your first job? A) My first real job (we are definitely not counting my Bingo days ...
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5 Reasons Why You Need to Drink More Water

Water is good for you, that’s a known fact. But do you really know why it’s so important to stay ...
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How to Boost your Energy at Work

Today’s fast-paced and busy lifestyles make fatigue and low energy levels a common complaint both ...
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Bona Fide Occupational Requirements: What are they really?

If you come from the occupational health and safety space, chances are you are familiar with the ...
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Physical Employment Standards Explained

Physical Employment Standards (PES) are task or simulation-based activities that represent the ...
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Clinician Spotlight: Dr. Farrell Cahill, Lead Researcher, Medisys Health Group

By Horizon | March 16 2018 | Clinician Spotlight
  My first health related job was in a human kinetics research laboratory at Memorial University, ...
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Biological Monitoring. What to Monitor and Why?

  Biological monitoring is a means of estimating exposure to a substance (chemical/element) among ...
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