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Happiness is Important – Make it a Priority!

Posted by Horizon on Sep 20, 2017 3:54:14 PM

By Jodi Stuckless, PsD Candidate, Mental Health and Wellness Coach

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What is your definition of happiness?  Research in the field of positive psychology and happiness often define a happy person as someone who experiences frequent positive emotions, such as joy, interest, and pride, and infrequent (though not absent) negative emotions, such as sadness, anxiety and anger. Happiness has also been said to relate to life satisfaction, appreciation of life, moments of pleasure, but overall it has to do with the positive experience of emotions.

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Everyday Stress – The Good and the Bad

Posted by Horizon on Sep 20, 2017 3:51:54 PM

By Jodi Stuckless, PsD Candidate, Mental Health and Wellness Coach

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With busy work and home lives we all deal with stress on a regular basis but few of us really understand what stress is at its core. There are good and bad stresses but what’s most important to understand is your reaction stress and what strategies will help you to handle it effectively both at home and in the workplace.

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Clinician Spotlight: Dr. Ken Jenkins

Posted by Horizon on Sep 8, 2017 10:08:29 AM

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Dr. Jenkins has over 30 years’ experience as a Flight Surgeon, with specific expertise in maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter missions at both operational and leadership levels. His years of experience include roles as a family physician and occupational health practitioner. Dr. Jenkins' many consulting and advisory roles have allowed him to provide support to the mining, oil & gas and construction industries. 

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Getting Ready For Legalized Marijuana

Posted by Horizon on Sep 7, 2017 11:39:13 AM

By Dr. Farrell Cahill, Lead Researcher, Medisys Health Group

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The legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada has caused a huge boom in media coverage, online chatter, and everyday interest across the country. But despite this onslaught of coverage and conversation, organizations are left without solution to the looming question of workplace safety post-legalization. So how are employers supposed to protect their workers and themselves when the community discussing marijuana legalization hasn’t yet found the path to resolution?

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Legalization is Coming - Why It Matters To Your Organization

Posted by Horizon on Sep 7, 2017 10:45:42 AM

By Dr. Farrell Cahill, Lead Researcher, Medisys Health Group

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For almost two years now, Canadians have been waiting with baited breath on the legalization of marijuana. Within Canadian industry, advocates are concerned about the implications of marijuana legalization on workplace safety. As we approach the age of legal recreational marijuana how should Canadian organizations prepare themselves for this shift in culture?

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Is Your Workplace Ready to Fight the Flu?

Posted by Horizon on Aug 29, 2017 4:00:31 PM

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A recent study conducted by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that some specific types of nutrients in foods like dark chocolate, bilberries and red wine could actually work with certain microbiota bacteria to fight the flu. CTV News recently reported on the findings saying that “The results of the study indicate that interaction between the bacteria and the flavonoids does not target flu viruses directly, but rather stimulates a response that prevented the immune system from harming lung tissue.” The CTV News article can be found here.

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What You Need to Know This Flu Season

Posted by Horizon on Aug 22, 2017 1:11:27 PM

By Dr. Vivien Brown, VP Medical Affairs at Medisys Executive Health

Did you know that influenza, and its complications such as pneumonia, is the 6th leading cause of death in Canada and often a life-ending episode for a vulnerable person?  And in fact, the flu vaccine does not prevent every episode of influenza. That being said, it can help reduce the severity of the symptoms and prevent flu-related complications.  

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Is Your Organization Taking the Necessary Steps to Keep Your Workforce Happy?

Posted by Horizon on Jul 26, 2017 9:25:17 AM

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Millennials now account for the largest generation in the workforce.  According to a study by Deloitte, 61% of millennials are expected to leave their current job within the next 5 years.  Is your organization taking the correct steps to keep your workforce happy, healthy and productive?

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Hearing Conservation in the Workplace

Posted by Horizon on Jul 12, 2017 11:30:57 AM

Hearing Conservation - Blog Post Image.jpg

Did you know that 42% of Canadians aged 16 to 79 years have worked in an environment where it’s necessary to speak in a raised voice just to communicate with someone standing an arm’s length away? Among them, only 22% consistently used hearing protection.

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Medical Audit - Silica Dust Exposure & Silicosis

Posted by Horizon on Jun 9, 2017 1:46:58 PM

Silicosis no text image.jpg

Silicosis has been long recognized as a serious threat to the health and safety of workers in the mining industry. A common disease resulting from exposure to silica dust in mines, silicosis is caused when small inhaled dust particles containing silica become embedded in the workers lungs. 

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